What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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I was working at my desk at home today, so no time outside. Thought I'd show off a jacket that arrived a few weeks ago: Five Star's latest version of the A-1.

Russet brown capeskin, maroon thread, and russet wool knits. It's slightly shorter in the sleeves than I normally wear, but that seems part and parcel of the more fitted look that I associate with the A-1. Overall, I'd say this is quite good for a budget option.
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My new FiveStar B-10. I’ve been practically living in this since I got it. View attachment 51962

I hope you took off the manufacturer tag in the meantime?!

Sorry, couldn't resist....

I have seen some of your Fivestar stuff over at @Shawn Ali 's FB Group, and it seems that you belong to the circle of jacket enthusiasts, whose measurements don't fit into the standard sizing charts, too.

Great, that we have more choices now! FS and you collaborated on some great looking jackets!