What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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You can still find these popping up occasionally on eBay for really cheap money. It’s a very underrated jacket. I’ve had a couple of them for years and I highly recommend them.
I’m gonna keep an eye out, I’ve seen other similar from companies like schott


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I prefer the LL Bean one only because Ive had one for so long and I don’t know if the schott ones are as good as far as the materials it’s made from . The LL Bean ones were made from Goatskin for the longest time .
The main reason I think of schott is that’s what is accredited as being was worn in the 80s movie the thing and that’s
One of my most favorite movies of all time , pics are from a movie site.


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38F and drizzly and today’s choice is the Eastman HLB. It’s really breaking in - this is its third winter. Hat is a Stetson Nostalgiac, my rain beater.
I predict that the mask at the neck look is going to bring back neckerchiefs when the plague passes.
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My Irvin is about the same age and looks like yours Nick :)
ah well, my cuffs show way more wear on the edges but I guess thats the way it should be when the jacket ages....
my B6 is also developing the same wear on the exactly same spots...