What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Black ice can be worrisome but if it hits the + double digits they are calling for it shouldn’t be a big issue
During the daytime hours, but I do avoid morning rides.
not sure about work, especially anything oil related that’s basically dead and probably will stay
That way barring a miracle or the Devil himself getting involved.
but nonetheless if you make it up here I’ll buy you a beer
I live in Vancouver. I can't afford obviously to buy a house. They are average 1.5 milllion. The condos are 800,000,
If I have to buy a 4 by 4 I don't care. I can buy a 200,000 dollar house on my own land.

Rory Schultz

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Actually it’s a lot of fun & frustration in equal measure. I try not to let any of it spoil my day... I look forward getting in the Taxi every day, it’s never changed. Unlike some of the fighter pilots I get to do it all again tomorrow...Jackets designed for cockpits work just as well in a Taxi too.
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I would add a pair of blank firing Lewis guns on the hood just to add to the mood!


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It got to a +4c today so I put on my schott over my heated gear and went for a ride
Then the clouds came in and I had to head home as the rain began and temp dropped
Wife says I’m not aloud *edit* (allowed) always get that wrong along with to and too) to be towed home anymore, done that once to often I guess :p :p ;):cool:

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And a great looking Irvin it is !
Compliments should go to ELC and especially Rob who handpicked that jacket from their line for me :)
Oh and for the record, it has no naughty plastic zipper bits :D

Ps.: And by accident, I finally found a good enough second hand copy of Shacklady's Spitfire history book in my antiques bookstore today-while wearing that jacket :D (nerd mode off)



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Very warm October with highs in the low to mid 80s so haven’t been able to wear my A-2s for a month but starting this Friday we will once again have leather weather! Yay!