What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?

Thomas Koehle

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no leather today but M65 ...

got hard rain today so i took the new jacket out which i got 2 days ago delivered to my hotel - didn't expect it was as warm today here in South Carolina anyway but liked the jacket that much i'd rather "Sweat like a one legged man in a a..-kickin' contest" than leavin' the jacket in my car

well i got this jacket from Burt for 85 bucks - that was a steal: the jacket is BRANDNEW with still a tag on it (ripped off before i left the hotel) - fit is like tailored

it is Always a win to do deals with "B-Man2" - you see that in my face anyway

THX again Burt!



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I wore this for a walkabout this morning. Love the cooler weather.
If you are one of those buying and leaving an ELC or GW in the box as an investment, go with these Denisons instead. They’ve been there and done it

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Respect and Honor to those!
Saw them in action... Denisons and their wearers in the Balkans in early 1990ies