What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Typical northern Norway here, we get a lot of Arctic storms over this period so the weather is terribly unsettled. We had full gale force winds over the last two days and there will be the same tomorrow. My go to is a Speedwear waxed cotton jacket, fantastic piece of kit and I've found streets ahead of the current Belstaff/Barbour offerings, well worth checking out if you're after such jackets/coats. In fact they're better than all the Belstaffs and Barbours I've had in this style...


Won't be long though and I'll be using the ATF Sumpftarn parka and Irvin when the first snows come.


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Black Goatskin 5* M422a with removable wool collar... @Shawn Ali View attachment 44108View attachment 44109
Deep in contemplation at the wfh desk.... London is chilly, perfect A-2 weather. BK Dubow.
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Nice jackets guys both of them .
Cabbie : That removable collar option is pretty cool . Makes it look like an An- J-3 jacket .
Brett : Really like the deep color of that BK A2.
Looks like great A2 weather!


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90 degrees F here today:oops:
Not a chance in hell for a leather jacket.
SO ....I turned down the Air Conditioning to 60 degrees F. :rolleyes:
Wearing my WPG Irvin in size 46o_O
Well Hell, If you’re going to dream ....dream big!........Right?:)
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Dreams are needed! Nice jacket, Burt. We have a reverse process here, we are enjoying the last "lether jacket's days", warm days, today my wife and I spent half a day in the park and I would publish my Star again, but I think that everyone sick of this A2 here (unlike me ha ha).