What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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I don't recall if I got that reprint off eBay or Etsy but its really sharp and on thick paper with vibrant colors. I have sincevseen 2 originals of that image on eBay but yes, I think they were over $500. I would love to get others one day. but like you say, you have to then factor in the frame as well. I usually try to hit a sale at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. or use their 50% off one item coupon to offset it. not the best frame in the world but for a repro it works just fine.
I do have one original that I paid $400.00 for. hit all the right points for my USAAF man cave... B-17s, A-2 jackets and its a recruiting poster dated 5-16-1942. it has a few minor issues but has character. I look at other originals and sometimes think about it but then I realize I have nothing left in the refrigerator and need to put gas in the car. :p
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@Edward , you're from Summerville SC? I went to Charleston a few years ago, and I have a friend from Summerville. Such a nice area, I loved it there!
Yes indeed! I have lived here in the area since 1981 just about 40 years now) my family moved us here when I was a wee lad of 14 years of age. Fun area but getting very crowded and congested. Growth the past few years is increasing ever since Boeing and Volvo arrived. Massive hotels and condos going up all over downtown charleston this past year. Skyline is changing and now a few high rises (no more than 20 stories though ) have been cleared for construction in West Ashley near citadel mall. This area has had many growth spurts but now it’s unprecedented. More traffic and hard to get parking at the beaches now. :( they started a free shuttle bus service inMt. Pleasant just to get people to and from the Isle of Palms. Me... I don’t go anywhere :D
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I'm currently wearing a Christie's A2
(They are in Sydney, Australia and specialise in medal mounting and "veteran wear" like cuffs and tie/lapel pins......they are also one of two official suppliers to the RAAF for their leather flight jackets,which are based off a WW2 A2 contract they somehow had in their possession)
It's pretty much the "short and tight" look EVERYONE likes and they literally make it in so many bloody sizes that it makes my head spin
I don't know if they ship overseas though