What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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It's been too warm and I've been too busy getting even warmer to wear any flight jackets just recently. The SOF WW2 British leather jerkin has been getting some serious wear when there has been a nip in the air early morning and evening. Brilliant bit of kit and as good as originals I've had [and worn out ] in the past. Not a trendy flight jacket for manly posing but a tough practical garment that keeps the body warm and protects clothing underneath.


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Dmitry, it looks like "new old stock", it's in such a great condition. I'm jealous! :)
Thanks Greg. In fact, it certainly has bit wear, my seamstress repaired one cuff and there are very small marks on the leather, but overall this Brill is certainly in great shape and goatskin is exellent. I bought it this spring, the decisive factor was not only the nice shape but also the year of issue (this old lady and I have the same year of birth :) ).