What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Thanks, Jan!

You have probably figured it out by yourself....the white AAF stamp? It's a WPG...

Soooo much wrong with this jacket (compared to high-end repros): seamed wristlets, side-warmer pockets, not to mention the lining.

BUT: It's really comfortable to wear, with a little bit of extra length and space compared to my FEW Reed B-10. The pockets will be closed, soon, the wristlets could be addressed when necessary.

The collar is real mouton, maybe a bit dark...I would not change that, but let weather, sun and UV light work over time...


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Excellent Jorge, I have the same contract and I noticed that the Brill's moutons really brightens faster. But mine is still red and has not turned into a blonde :)
Yes, I have noticed that, too, Dmitry. They develop a great color with the time, honestly mine came like that when I got it, but it is awesome to see how blond they can get. Believe it or not D series are one of my favorites.


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Jorge, you just keep posting mint jacket after mint jacket. At this point I almost want to see you post a jacket that's on its last legs, just to confirm you're human like the rest of us. :D
Hahahahahhaha I’ll post some but honestly I try to avoid getting jackets in bad condition because I really don’t like to deal with repairing them, it can be very expensive and I’m a bit OCD. Although there can be always exceptions.