What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Looks more like a de-dye! Terrific!

Looks as if you had been....bathing in salt water, walking through acid rain, crawling under cars, digging the jacket in for at least a year, put it on a sun bed twice a week.....

It's certainly not shy! The jacket that was worn during the post-war house remodel!


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that's why I've been selling off my "extra" jackets etc. "you don't fly, you've sold the jeep, you haven't ridden the bikes for years...what do you need all that leather, sheepskin, woolly stuff FOR ?", and all those old mbike, classic car, music mags ? what are they FOR ? and all those LPs you haven't played for years.....I want the spare room back and the shed and what's all that STUFF under the bed ?"
and I'm getting far too long in the tooth to balls this relationship up, far too old for park benches, mind you there'd be plenty of old papers to wrap up in.......ho hum

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