What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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My first thought as well. Looks like a desire for symmetry overriding any understanding of what the straps actually do.


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Cold and foggy here in NYC, so rocking an old Eastman B-10 bought second hand over twelve years ago. It's has stitch marks from long removed name tag and squadron patch, but I'm cool with that. In this early version of his B-10, Gary nailed the larger mouton collar characteristic of Rough Wear's B-10 contract.

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who is the maker of the HBT pants?




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Dmitry, that G-1 is a thing of beauty... Owl also ;)
Thanks Brett, this jacket is really very comfy and I catching the weather (in any case it doesn’t snow ha ha). This owl just fascinated me. I thought that the fashion for home owls had already passed with first Harry Potter movies. I didn’t think that I would see an owl in the park for a walk.