What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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I feel ya. The company I work for normally has roughly 21 pilots on the roster and sends out 5-6 planes daily and now we’re down to about 6 pilots with only 1 flight a day (with fewer legs too). I’m sure they’re feeling much the same.:confused:
Thank you.Yes, now we are all have the same mood around the world :(. Hold on, buddy.

Greg Gale

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Wore my new Dubow A-2 today. Reeeaaally comfy. Much roomier than my 40 Star, but not in the way the size 42 Star fit me when I tried it on (like a tent). More in a relaxed way. Shoulder width couldn't be better, plenty of room in the sleeves (ELC's forearms are quite tight as far as I recall!). It doesn't ride up too much when I'm driving either. I got used to the length too, it JUST barely covers my belt, but hey, I reckon it's accurate to ww2 patterns and I'm a tall guy. With ww2 pants it wouldn't be an issue. Also, a size 44 would be like 1/2 inch longer, but probably waay too baggy. I also love the knits, so much sturdier than ELC's. I will try to take some fit pics, but we're currently living on the couch of my girlfriend's best friend so the circumstances are not ideal :)