What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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That's why I put a wink at the end of my response to you Steve. I was just trying to point out in a lighthearted way that at the end of the day we all probably have bigger and more important things to worry and get worked up about.
The way I've come to understand it, we study history for a variety of reasons. Surely, there are commonly held motives such as being able to correct the present so as not to repeat, etc etc.But the beauty of it is that it is available in non-censored areas, and any person can study it however/with what amount of intensity as he or she pleases. No right approach.

I'm always thinking of that moment I'm one day in front of the class and pose that question to the students. I'd hope I'd leave that lecture without giving the impression that there is a "correct" answer. Easy way to turn off the curiosities of students interested in history by nailing shut doors. To each his own.

Personally, if some professor shut down my personal "romance with the past, ie vintage jacket nut" as being ludicrous in lieu of the conventional "let's not repeat the past" I'd probably be far less inclined to remain interested in the subject in a scholarly sense. Though that concept is an important one!

IMO, one of the most beneficial facets of studying history isn't even the content-it's the employment of critical thinking skills!
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Was a glorious day here, +1 or 2, sun shining and I had the Irvin on. I had to take the little fella to a birthday party with one of his mates from kindy and one of the mums there asked me about the Irvin. She loved it and thought her hubby would look good in one. That doesn't happen very often!


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I came to Paris this weekend and came to visit the shop T-Bird which sells Aero Leather,Buzz and ELC jackets. From all leathers, the most i liked was the Warhorse. They had the 50cal.

I gotta say the knits on the 50 Cal is so much better from the ones from mine. Did they change the knits now? It feels more like the Mash one i got and less than the ones from the 23rd FG i got.

I tried the size 40 as the leather looked more beautiful made for me but i found it few cms short :/ the 42 wasnt so nice looking so i decided to pass on it.



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At work today, dodging showers of sleet and snow, got my N2-b with me today.
Not sure what our weather will be tomorrow, got to go up to Glasgow for lunch. Maybe the B15 and RAF sweater or B3 if it is proper snow rather than sleet.