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What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Tough to get a feel for the entire jacket.
Any chance you could give us a flat photo of the jacket laid out?


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the jacket is almost a whole size larger than other jackets I got from Shawn. The length is quite ok, the problem (and here is something FS definitely has to find a solution for) is a rather loose-fitting waistband.

Other things have improved significantly:
First thing is the leather. Very substantial, soft and mismatched....and yes, there is absolutely no odor, except for leather.
Sleeves are wider and look less modern than on the Bronco and house style.

Give me couple of days, and I will try to come up with a full review...



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Sporting the "Hunters" 1950s USAF look today in my L-2b...pic to follow, need to find a suitable elevator with mirror first...