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What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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@Jorgeenriqueaguilera Nice! I've seen Bronson released their own version. I though about getting one and cutting the sleeves. It would be useful here in Bali.
Definitely very useful with all the pockets and breathable for #islandlife.... I don’t know how much are the Bronson but on ebay you can find genuine Vietnam Era in good or new condition, for a good price if you are lucky and patient.

Greetings from Hawaiian Islands


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I know it’s not really a jacket but 97% of the time I cannot wear a jacket, still a military (ex-shirt) piece from Vietnam War. It was NOS but I just love wearing it!
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Great jacket, I have the opposite of yours - I can wear junglejacket 3% of the time only :) Many years I bought 2 originals - the 2d pattern poplin with epaulettes with a long sleeve and 3 pattern poplin version with a short sleeve for the USAF. There was a period when I worked in North Africa and there they were my favs jackets, used a lot, especially when I traveled. Great jackets for the hot weather and a very thoughtful design, perhaps the best. Now I take sometime one of my jungle jackets on vacation.