What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Some of the Afghan pilots were rocking a mix of US issue A-2s and mall jackets. But hey, they wear flying boots or runners?

I haven't bought a jacket this deployment. I guess I will eventually bust the DD/GW Bronco out to sell it. That will have to do. It will be like it is a new one..

I remember jumping in to the back of a Land Rover in the middle of the night to get a bargain Star Sportswear from ELC, using the satellite phone in Timor-Leste back in 2007. I think jackets as a reward are important; however, this M135i is more 'important-er'.


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I guess it's vintage. Late 70s/early 80s seemingly custom job for The Ambush. A long defunct leather bar/shop in San Francisco. Yeah, that kind of leather bar. Closed in 1986 from my research.

My wife gives me a hard time when I wear it. It looks like a regular leather jacket to me.

Admittedly, I trumped up the outfit to fit its lineage in this instance. Haha!

APC selvedge jeans
Taylor Stitch shirt
Alden 1340 shell Chukkas
Martin Dingman belt



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That Dubow looks great in the russet and has so much character already in the grain and can only get better, he`s a lucky guy to receive such a cracking jacket.
Ah now there is a tale to be told here. It was originally seal but I stripped, re-dyed, aged and wore the hell out of it first! That said they are outstanding jackets.


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You did a nice job, certainly has that broken in vintage look to it. I hope to have my Dubow in Russet later this month if it is on time.


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Lol, I've passed on the comments about the wedding tackle, his response was "haha, they ain't that tight, just standard fit" ....but that's about as far as I wanted to go with that discussion :oops:


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You are very fortunate that your Son appreciates the jacket. I would have wanted to put Dio, Iron Maiden and Megadeth patches on it at that age..
Right from the off he was brought up surrounded by my old stuff plus we made a point of integrating him in as many veteran visits, tours and reunions as we could. When he was a baby he was presented with a jacket by an ex ball turret op who painted it up for him, I think it was not until he was around 2 that he was almost big enough to sparingly wear it ...sort of! A few years later it was his younger sister's turn.

He is now qualified and earning a salary but in his spare time helps out in a local 8th AF bomb group museum. Start 'em young I say!
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