What in the name of......


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Interesting, it’s definitely fugly
But like cars or motorcycles or anything else they represent different things
To different people, to some history to others a blank slate for personal expression
I wonder how old the paint job is ? Looks like an 80s street art thing to me
Back when I was young I know if I picked up a surplus jacket it got filled with
Patches and pins.
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I wonder if it’s salvageable? There are ways and means to get paint off, obviously it needs some fairly major restoration, but it’s a 55J14, a really early G-1, with a stencilled collar and USN perforation, and it would be nice to save it from such an ‘orrible fate. I’m not volunteering, BTW.


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I wonder if it’s salvageable?
Doubtful Mikey. It's most probably spray paint and as such the solvents and binders in the paint will almost certainly have buggered up the upper surface of the leather.

That's one ship that you have to leave to sink.

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punk job circa 1970s-80 s. Lotsa stuf floating around that was 40s-=50s, and “modified” in the 70s-80s. Probably the same happpened to 40 s jackets in the 1950s for bikers.

Greg Gale

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Winter camo, in case your carrier sails close to Antartica!

Looks like an 80s Punk jacket, which would even be cool, had it not cost the "life" of a beautiful vintage flying jacket.