What do we think ?

John Lever

Artie gave me a heads up on this B6 what do you think ?


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The coat looks a bit glossy to my eye, but I'll second what others have said about the waist. The shearling looks luxurious too.


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I continue to see many premium makers making jackets like this that are too pretty, almost modern "caricatures" of what WW2 jackets really looked like. Jackets that are too "beautiful" to be vintage military work wear.

Looks like a wonderful jacket never the less but it has that "The Few" quality that looks total unconvincing as a period correct repro.

That said, I don't always want/care about 10000% accuracy so maybe this jacket is totally awesome!?!


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It’s not a premium maker, at least I don’t think so.

Sod it, I’ll just say, it’s someone called Lucky Forces. No idea who they are, I just zoomed in on John’s photo of the B-3 and saw the name, so looked them up on Instagram (not sure why the need for secrecy to begin with??).