Welcome to our new moderator!



A quick note to let you know that we've elected a new moderator, our own John Lever!

He's been a long time member and friend, and has graciously agreed to help out with the running of VLJ. Give him a little while to settle in, then feel free to approach him for moderator issues as you might with any of the other mods.

Thanks John for agreeing to help run VLJ!



John Lever

Yes, the laser is ready.....
Seriously, thanks Chris Bill and John. I hope I can be worthy of the honour. One thing I would like to do is to encourage new members to post and also to bring back some people who have wandered off a little and no longer visit.
Other than that I will be the same and still post too much !

Silver Surfer

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congrats, john. the board has chosen wisely. dont let it get to your head though, and remember the g. marx quip, "i would never be a belong of an organization that would have me as a member"

John Lever

Yes, I have seen there are new buttons that enable me to delete things. So if a post disappears it may be an accident or more likely I may just disagree with you [Ian]

John Lever

Roughwear said:
Congratulations John. Your appointment gives VLJ a welcome international presence at moderator level.
I thought that too. I still feel like part of a big family though.


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Uhoh, from now on you'll have to behave and play nicely!

Congratulations on the promotion John.