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weak resale market?

Silver Surfer

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best as i can tell, originals have always held their value, and in fact have crept up in value-final sale price. the militaria sites will bare this out. my guess is that decent originals will start to range in the 1k-1.2k range, and the nice wearable ones in the 2.5 k range. patched, named, painted originals? anyones guess. as for repros, low tier a-2s are a losing proposition....ditto the mid tier a-2s. however, when ya get to the top tier, condition and size matter. thus the prices are all over the place. the ebay seller drifter productions is now offering their [probably already paid for] elc jackets at a nice realistic price. call it a summer sale. they will maitain their prices until the istock is sold. come fall, we will have to see what is offered and at what price. a major part of the deal heal here is discretionary funds, and passion, ie: i gotta have it.