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Waxed Jackets ... Specific Type of Cotton ?


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This question may have been previously asked if so my apologies in advance.
Can a regular cotton jacket be turned into a waxed cotton jacket simply by applying the proper wax and heating it into the fabric?
Thanks in advance for your responses.


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In fact you can take a lot of things including blue jeans and treat them with wax to make a water repellent article of clothing.
Now a T shirt, I doubt would make a good candidate.
I’m thinking specifically of waxing my ATF deck jacket


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I have several Fjallraven jackets which are a polly cotton mix, heavy canvas like material. If you use the Greenland wax they supply then you just rub it on and lightly iron it in to increase the water proofing and wind resistance. Downside is it makes them a lot stiffer.
The other way I have used on two jackets is a wash in Nikwax Teck Wash then proofing with their Cotton Proof. Works well, and the jacket remains nice and soft. Used it on my tilley hat as well.


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I haven't tried myself but Yes, you can always turn something into a wax jkt by rubbing it with boiled linseed oil + beewax mix & it will be waterproof.
The thing is whether you like the appearances/look of it after finishing it , so my suggestion is to do it on the under-side to test it 1st before U run the whole jkt & then regret.


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Yes, I waxed a heavy canvas jacket I bought on your side of the pond Burt. The secret is to use the proper product and do it in a very warm environment using a hot air gun too.


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I bought a cheap cotton/poly jacket that was made in China and looked like an oilskin (dark brown) but was not that waterproof. So I looked online at Aussie oilskin waterproofer products that are pretty pricey. Decided to do in myself, and found a recipe somewhere that involves linseed oil and beeswax. Beeswax is really pricey so you can use paraffin and it works just as well. Just put the ingredients in a used tin can and then put that in a pot of boiling water and mix the ingredients together. Then use a rag and dip it in the mixture and apply it to the jacket. The jacket will smell like linseed oil for a week or two so should be hung up to dry, but then after that it's ok. My jacket is now waterproof and done much more cheaply than buying an Aussie outback jacket or the treatment they sell. I forget the ratio of linseed oil to wax, but look around and it can be found.


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I waxed a Levi trucker denim jacket in the latter part 0f 1979. I used Barbour wax and it worked fine , only after a couple of coats. The reason was I ripped my Belstaff over jacket and fancied a shorter style wax jacket for biking.It lasted a few years then literally fell to bits, ahahaha, it had endured a hard life