Wanting to find out about a jacket I picked up at a thrift shop.

It is a polo Ralph lauren jacket. So probably not vintage. As they were not in circulation until late 80s from what I can research on the internet so far. I have no idea about where to go to find out more about this jacket, so apologies if I am in the wrong forum and I will depart if this is inappropriate.
It is brown super soft leather with sheep skin lined hood. Feather inside a 100 % Woolen lining. Seems it had buttons. Very beautifully crafted.
Any information or direction on where to go to get more information would be greatly appreciated..Thankyou.


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Yes, you have come to the wrong forum, as we deal mostly with military jackets (originals and close reproductions of these originals) and our definition of "vintage" stops roughly with everything younger than 1980....

Anyway, what you've got there is a rather free interpretation of an USAF N-2A jacket and was inspired by this:


As you see, some of the details are there: overall appearance, oxygen tab, wind flap, lined hood...

But these USAF jackets were never made in leather, were never down-filled. Ralph Lauren HAS made some surprisingly accurate reproduction of military apparel in the past, but your jackets does unfortunately not fall into that category....Sorry.

I doubt that you will get more information here.

Had you asked for the "value"...my answer would have been: "When new, the jacket had a price tag of up to a 1,000 USD, but ended up quickly in RL's outlet stores....priced at less than half of that....

It's probably "worth" what you got it for...but who cares? If you like it, then enjoy and wear the hell out of it!

Thankyou.. I appreciate your thoughtful reply.. As of the value of the above jacket I am not so interested as it's just something my son loved so happy about the information you have provided as to what is was based on as it had a similar (kind of) look to one his dad has.
My ex husband does actually have an original WW2 leather jacket ..hmm may be a 60s reproduction but think it is original and vintage..was passed to him from his father. ( has maps inside the lining) I will get photos as I am super interested in this forum and the knowledge of the history you provide..
Much graditude for your kind understanding response..
I will get and post photos of ex husbands jacket in hope you may have information on that one.. (if it's not bothersome to you )


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Ties speaks truth as always. You’re right that it’s a high quality jacket, as stated loosely based on a USAF design, those studs around the hood would have been for an attached fur trim, in coyote fur as stated by the label. Originals were made with that too, as you can see from Ties’ pic, although the fur section wasn’t detachable. Ralph Lauren make some decent stuff, as Ties says sometimes pretty close to original military garments. This is a fashion item, but nice nonetheless. By all means post pics of your ex’s jacket, although the map on the lining sounds suspiciously like the work of Avirex, who produced complete fantasy jackets purporting to be accurate reproductions, which were nothing of the sort, but maybe not, and it would be interesting to see.


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"vintage" is only pre 1980?
Jeez I feel like a child when I hear that haha!
I think most of not all of my motorcycle jackets are post 1980 though my jeans are pre 1980 since I need the high waist to get coverage with my short jackets.
Japanese brands tend to have fit issues on my legs and knees (tailored like stovepipes but with no give in the weave for anyone who doesn't have chicken legs)