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VLJ software upgrade


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My difficulties are nothing compared to what others are experiencing, but I thought I'd include them in case it helps you diagnose the problem: I can pretty easily get on if I'm on wifi, but if my phone is trying to connect without a wifi signal, it's very slow, and frequently doesn't work at all.


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Just posting a quick message for Mulceber .
I’m in contact with him and he can no longer access the forum by any means . Not by a WIFI connection or a 4G internet non WiFi connection. He’s receiving a message that he cannot access the server. Thanks Nathan for all of your patience and effort in dealing with these problems .


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I can only access the site using my mobile phone and only if the Wifi is turned off otherwise not a hope.


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Never had a problem before the change over ,now it’s unable to access 95%of the time.tried everything from this side ,not happening on any other forums.