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Vintameri not Bronson hbt trousers

Officer Dibley

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Bought these a couple of weeks ago on ebay. They arrived last week and i have been living in them since ( other than when at work).
Waist sizes are european and true to size. Inside leg comes as 33”.
Quality material and cut very much like my 1955 501’s. Not the high waist and baggy lower legs cut of WW2 repros.
Nice contrasting thread.
Thought i’d let folks know in case they are interested :) I have ordered a second pair.

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Your version does not look like the current one from Bronson as I have highlighted the differences in the photos - most notably the worker -union label - Bronson is not that crappy in mixing up working clothing with military clothing. 2nd is the color of the thread & color of the cloth. Bronson had made 90% + - correct for P41.
However,, Bronson had messed up this pant , which is in fact P41, to N1, which is very very similar. Pls noted P41 jacket is also used by USMC too & they are also very very similar to N3 HBT jkt.
Nevertheless, yours is a Very nice & well-made trousers
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Officer Dibley

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Your analysis is spot on but Please note i am not looking for authenticity. I am looking for a comfortable pair of hbt trousers with tighter lower legs and lower front rise. I am not recommending these for an accurate renactment.
I see these like the flight bags thread : just a bit more poseur material ;)