Vintage BMW riding gear

AZ Drifter

Brought these out of the back of the closet. Nearly forget I have 'em. From early to mid-1980s. Don't use them now.
But interesting bit of history. Don't know maker, but marked
"West Germany".

AZ Drifter

Hey Pete, nice vintage gear.
Weather & temps. almost perfect for morning rides. Bit warm in afternoon. Damn hot on lower deserts. I've been riding a couple of the vintage (old) BMW GSs. But now camping near Flagstaff - tall, cool pines.
Happy summer.


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Enjoy your trip Ric,,I’m so envious of your climate.every ride here is like a military exercise trying to plan round getting out and back between the rain.
16 years ago I took a wee road trip from Tempe up to flagstaff,Sedona and on to Vegas,,easily 40degrees,,not comfortable in full riding gear.
Yesterday was 24 here ,hottest day of our summer so far :cool: ,,


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These vintage types of jackets are the complete masterpiece and the old its get the more it looks deadly, I bought the Blade Runner 2049 Coat which is also the masterpiece and I am going to wear it and use and than hangs it till the last day.