Vera Voulik Leather Artworks


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In my opinion, yours is actually closer to the original than whoever Eastman has doing theirs. Here's the original for reference:View attachment 62544
Actually there are 2 surviving jackets. ELC made a repro but perspective is wrong on the B-17 (original artwork is wrong too of course, so not a problem), but ELC made their B17 in OD color, chapel in the flak was in aluminium color, so I dit it in white greyish, with more details on the plane. It's an artistic choice, and a personal challenge. :)


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...and, count how much they charge for this paint... As an artist, I must point that their paint is not bad at all, it's an art interpretation so I don't condemn it at all ;)
Just to be clear, it's not a condemnation of their job, far from it! The job is indeed not bad at all, but as you said, the price point is ridiculous. And again, having a jacket that's supposed to be unique but will be produced to I don't know how many models, plus the fake weathering... BLEH!! ;)


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I initiate work on an ELC A2, reproducing the jacket of 7th Airforce "Lady from Hades".

Main difficulty, original jacket and nose art are very differents, so I decide to recreate the whole art: played the pinup, to create the drawing base and then made the first drawing attemps.

View attachment 62695

View attachment 62696

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It turns out that not only do you do those awesome pin-up drawings, but that you can also be one of them too!