USN Windflap perforation G1 Jackets?


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I wonder which jackets from the G1 model and it's ancestors (M422 on...) had the USN perforated windflaps? I searched the web up and down but have still no answer. Did the 55J14 had that feature?

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I’m pretty sure the 55J14 definitely didn’t have the perforation. I have a Caglego Sportswear 7823 AER series which has both the perforation and USN marking on the collar, which I believe is from 1958, so I guess somewhere around that date was the switchover? I think 7823b series onwards all have the perforated flap, as far as I can tell.
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Correct, the 55J14 didn't have a perforated wind flap. The earliest perforated wind flap G-1 I've seen was the 1956 contract Cagleco 7823 series. It had both USN perforated wind flap and USN stenciled under the collar. I regret selling that one!


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I stand corrected, my Caglego with both perforated windflap and USN collar marking is from 1957. Pretty interesting that Caglego went with both markings on some of their final jackets?