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USN flight jacket


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Came across this relic in the attic of my a house I just bought. Very obviously not a reproduction. Has damage to the right arm and shoulder, and silk lining has some moth holes.
Wondering if there are any recommendations for getting leather and stitching repaired. Would it be worth the cost? Value as is vs repaired?



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Welcome... Interesting find...
Cant repair that. Wo'nt be worth the cost.
I'd email someone like AVI LTHR - info@avilthr.com and ask them if they'd like it to make patterns from. Maybe they'd send you a production jacket in exchange...
I wouldn't say its worth much as a sale otherwise.

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regrettably, your gf navy jacket seems to have a case of the dreaded dry rot. as a whole the jacket is not repairable without vast replacements of rotted hides. if the fur collar, zipper, pockets are in good usable condition, they may be of value to a person who its considering, or is in the process of restoring a gf m-422a. your jacket was made in 1942 by gordon ferguson [gf], for the us navy. the value of these jackets is anywhere from $100 [basket case] to as much as $2000 in excellent wearable, named, patched condition. if you are interested in this forum for more then a jacket evaluation, please feel free to introduce your self.


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Thank you all for the info! I have really not been a leather jacket fanatic in the past, but finding this piece of history has piqued my interest for sure! Not a lot of need here in South Texas for heavy coats. :) Will certainly be looking in the future anyway!