USN Deck Zip project [Bronson MOD]


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No. I cannot do all this. My strength is details. I decide the exact cut/ pattern, materials & sourcing, I even do the hand-fading. But I cannot use a sewing machine, I pass all the materials to my tailor for the final assembly - whom is good at sewing but knows nothing about what is period correct or cut or an appreciation of the specific material used. The final result is the credital of my attention to details & my tailor's ability to execute exactly what I require him to do, that is very very important in customed-made jackets.
I am going to make from scratch a blue N-1 & a deck hook jacket from a piece of blue jungle cloth I purchased recently. :)
I only do replica that is difficult to find an original or tooooo expensive [usu. over US$1300] to buy an original. For mediocre common models, I buy the originals/ retros
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Thomas Koehle

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And kiss the soil where he walks ...

Absolute awesome job! For this jacket is almost not to recognize from a original- heavily worn piece.

Full respect for your eye for the detail and your tailor (the needle witch ...). :)

No joke!

Impressive outcome of your project!


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the label arrived, it looks ok.
Just read from atthefront website that there is a thin nylon in between the shell & the wool lining for wind proofing in 1st pattern deck zip jkt. Since they claimed they have dissectedView attachment 5138 an original to reproduce - I trust them & will add such.
By then, an original zip deck must be very very warm cos a thick shell + a wool lining is already warm enough, adding such a wind proof nylon will make it un-wearable in Most of the days - esp. in Hong Kong where i live !
I would think twice about the lining. It 'rustles' and restricts movement marginally. BR did two versions. Tim got gifted my 'lined' Deck Zip and can attest to the noise and feel. I have the unlined version. It is better-er.

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Anyway to safely remove the "US NAVY" print on the back? Been thinking of getting one but dont want the print