USN A2 Deck Jacket Submarine Service

Discussion in 'Cloth' started by Thomas Koehle, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Thomas Koehle

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    Mexico Aguascalientes
    took some more pics of the airforce A2 - sewing of the chestpiece and ranks looks professional - my bet some GI`s had a trade

  2. nkang

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    Wow Thomas! You're a big fan of A-2 deck jackets it seems.

    The one you got seems to be in great shape! Congrats! I just sold mine on eBay for £64. It's a 1984 issue and is literally impeccable with no issue, stain, or tear at all. Could have kept it but sold it as I have too many to use. I'm personally not so much into the original jackets and more into the functionality and durability.

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