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Looks like there was a lot of trading going on during the war. Not surprising though, look at the numbers of photos of US Airman wearing RAF “Mosquito Flight boots’ and flight helmets etc., and the number of RAF pilots wearing US gear. I remember my dad telling me that one of the most desired pieces of Kit for US infantry troops were the British Army battle jackets. They were made from heavy wool and were warm. He said that he traded a German P.38 pistol for one and never let it out of his sight for fear of another GI stealing it .


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We had that problem all the time. Guys would come back from exercises, wrong cammo, wrong webbing, even wrong rifles !


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Inter service trading was rife, just look at the amount of RAF C-Type helmets in use by USAAF instead of issue A-11's etc. Fraternisation went on all the time when on pass plus the amount of inter service air traffic on bases was much wider than some think.


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Also those aircrew who served with the RAF prior to transferring to the USAAF, it was usual for them to continuing using the flying kit and sometimes clothing that they had been issued with the RAF after they were in US service. The 4th FG is obviously the biggest example of this with an enormous amount of British kit being used. And speaking of Irvins, I have a photo of Richard Braley of 336 wearing an Irvin over his USAAF uniform when meeting Mrs Roosevelt.