US WWII Glider Pilots & A-2s pics


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Great photos Bretta !
As was the case, with most of the issued A2’s, the fit was all over the place . Particularly with the photos of the guys wearing jackets that look to large on them, even-though they are wearing a full uniform shirt and tie under them and may even be wearing a layer of long underwear or a sweater as well .


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Yeah, now for some fun, any guesses as to contracts lol
Impossible to say... I know, but second pic down, Id say Aero left, RW right
third pic down, maybe a couple of RWs
Last pic, Monarch on right


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Good comfortable fits - if you have to get out of one of those bad boys quickly I wouldn't be wanting a skin tight jacket either ;-)

But seriously those gliders had no heating and although they didn't fly at high altitudes it would be damn chilly and draughty in there. I bet those boys were wearing thermals/woollen undergarments as well as their normal dress under those A-2 when flying combat missions.

The more I've been interested in A-2s the more I like a comfortable fit rather than the not very utilitarian trim fit (which looks great when you're standing still with your arms down but is bloody hopeless if you actually move in the damn thing).