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Flea market find of the day! Picked up these cool USAAF coveralls make from beautiful wool twill. I completely geeked out seeing the five Crown zips, all in solid condition with original leather pulls, so had to buy them! It sure is cool to see the attention to detail in the care of materials and construction - all first rate. They fit perfectly, but where the hell am I going to wear them?!? Oh well, sure was fun handling them, so off to trade or sell.

Coveralls1 copy.jpg

Covealls3 copy.jpg

Covealls7 copy.jpg

Covealls4 copy.jpg


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nice find! I have an unused one just like it. really cool like you said with all the zips and zipper pulls on it! I'm sure you paid much less than I did though!in fact, I'm wearing it in my avatar pic! lol!