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Greg Gale

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As I removed my 27752 from the box it came in, naturally it had some wrinkles due to being folded. Most are gone after a little wear, except 2 large ones where the epaulet meets the collar stand. I can’t seem to get rid of it. Normally it’s covered by the collar but when I fold it up it looks strange. Any advice how to get it fixed, please?



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I think everything will be OK with active wear. You can try to gently moisturize the area before putting it on. I had a lot of different leather jackets, most of which I received by mail in boxes and some had wrinkles from shipping. They all disappeared by themselves after I started wearing jackets. If this is not a defect of cutting the jacket, everything will go away by itself -some earlier, some later.
You could try hanging it in your bathroom before someone has a bath/shower so the steam gently gets to it, then wear it immediately so it can then “form” to your shape. Nothing too drastic - it should not hurt it..... not talking a rain storm soaking just a misting so soften it a tad?
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I’m not sure if this is the same thing, but that sort of looks like the wrinkling caused by coat hangers that led Ken to develop a new type of hanger. I would avoid hanging it up in order to avoid making it worse:


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TBH I think this is a classic case of fretting about stuff which isn't worth worrying about.

It's a leather jacket which with wear will pick up other wrinkles and scrapes and all sorts from wear.

You want to wear that 27752 the same way Blakeslee would have: hard and without giving a shit about it. Do that and it'll end up looking like something Blakeslee would have worn and not excessively worrying about small little things will make you enjoy wearing the jacket a lot more. At least that's how I would do it.


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I guess you're right, Smithy! :)
If I could give one piece of advice to anybody getting into these kinds of jackets - repros that is, it would be to stop giving a shit.

It is the most liberating thing that I ever did. I used to be one of those who used to worry about my jackets getting funny wrinkles or maybe getting a mark on them, as a result I laid them on the floor nicely, would never put it over a chair or heaven forbid eat whilst wearing it, and all the rest of that kind of anally retentive nonsense behaviour.

Once I finally accepted it was just a leather jacket, that it wasn't the Holy Grail and it wouldn't last forever - just like the wearer, and I just started using them and accepting that they would get marks and creases and all the rest of it without worrying about them, it was the best thing I could have ever done.

I also realised that before I'd spent so much time worrying about shit that if I'm honest I'd spent more time worrying than enjoying when I was wearing them which is pretty bloody silly when you stop and think about it. Once you stop worrying that's when the real enjoyment starts in wearing them.

I wish someone had sat me down and told me that because I wouldn't have wasted years on a lot of silly bullshit!


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That’s some of the best advice I’ve seen on this forum in a long time . Well said Tim. We get all caught up in the historical accuracy of these jackets and drool over the look of vintage repros and originals with their graining and well used looks ....... and then we become obsessed with protecting and fawning over our jackets, rather than treating them with the same disregard and lack of care that the original WWII owners of these types of jackets did back in their day .
I completely understand Greg’s thoughts and reasoning, having just received a brand new jacket and I have absolutely been concerned and watchful of how I treated every new jacket that I received over the years. But once that newness wears off , Smithy’s spot on with his comments . There’s definitely an inner peace that comes over you when you can just accept that it’s a used piece of clothing, and throw it around as you would a pair of used jeans .
3. If you want your new repro to look like a worn beat up original..., then you have to wear it and beat the piss out of it, like they did to worn beat up originals.
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the junction of the front panel, back panel, collar, and epaulet is a complicated bunch of pieces coming together. if one or the other is the tiny bit off, it can make for a wrinkle as seen in the pic. this is not at all uncommon in originals, and obviously found in some repros. the good news is that with wear, that wrinkle will flatten itself out to the point of "huh, wasn't there a wrinkle there?" other places for those wrinkles on a-2s are where the waistband meets the leather, arm to shoulder seam, and under arms. rarely can an original a-2 be found without some of these wrinkles. or, as the kid in the magazine said, "what me worry"