United Sheeplined Owners Unite!...............(and show us your jackets)


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An updated table:

Size42 (Jan)42 (Jorge)44 (Jorge)46 (Burt)46 (Geezer)
Back25"26" / 22.5" w/o knits25" / 23" w/o knits27"26.5"
Sleeves25.5"27" / 23.5" w/o knits25"/23.25" w/o knits26"26"


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Thanks @Grant, I’m gonna try to post later some pics of both contracts side by side (Bronco and United), they are indeed very similar! Honestly, for me the best way to differentiate them is by checking the location of the shoulder seam on both.


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As promised, I have some pictures for a comparison between United Sheeplined 18777-P and Bronco MFG 29191. They have some similarities in their construction as both companies were in the family of Isaac Spiewak, but there are a few details that will help to differentiate one from the other.

The first pic shows both examples. As you can see the leather color on both is a russet shade from the original production. United (top) has a lighter russet shade leather color than Bronco (bottom) which is a bit darker. It’s important to mention that Bronco had their knits replaced in the past. In this case, United is size 44 and Bronco I suspect is a size 40-42. Both jackets had their contract labels removed at some point.

On the next picture, we can observe both collars. United (top) looks longer and more pointed than Bronco (bottom) but it is only because of the different creases which have developed through the years because of the way they were worn and stored. In fact, they are pretty similar in shape but every jacket has a different story.

Here we have a better look of how similar the angles at the tips are.

Both examples use the same brown cotton lining. The original details of the stitchings are still visible. Note the difference of the stitching on the collar hanger loop, United (top) is box-stitched and Bronco (bottom) is bar-stitched.

The small detail on the hanger loop stitching give the first tip to differentiate them: note on the back the stitchings. United (top) had a visible box-stitching on the back while Bronco (bottom) has a tap-stitching.

The next picture shows some similar details on the wind flaps. United (left) and Bronco (right) utilized the double-barrel eyelet for attaching the collar hook.

On this picture we can observe the epaulettes of both contracts, quite similar in design and stitching, but here is probably the best way to differentiate them from each other; note the shoulder seam visible on Bronco (right), on the other hand United (left) has the shoulder seam underneath the epaulette, making it not visible on the picture.

Finally one of the main characteristics on both contracts are the scalloped pockets. Here we can observe the right pocket of both jackets. Although the condition of the examples (creases) makes them look slightly different, one can easily see the similarities between United (left) and Bronco (right).
The dimensions and design (angles) are virtually the same on both (6 1/2 inches tall x 5 3/4 wide).

The picture of the pocket flaps open reveals the use of the small ring-stud from United Carr on both contracts. Also stitchings are quite similar.

Note: It’s pretty interesting to observe the similarities between both contracts, making it very difficult to differentiate them from each other even on a face to face inspection. At this point my suggestion is checking always the shoulder seam position.
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Honestly, I cannot say much about the fit, since I couldn’t determine the size of the Bronco, fitted large to be a 40 and snug to be a 42 (specially the shoulder area).

Back26 / 23.5 without waistband
Sleeve26 / 23.75 without cuff
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