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Typical jacket buyer profile


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You guys don't know about half backs? My classic half back is a big, solid heavy horsehide jacket with a belt in the front and a solid leather sripe across the back - sort of hip length surcoat. Fur collar, sheeplined, Montgomery Ward "outerwear" from around 1954 in really well kept great condition. Beautiful jacket!


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i had one of these 30's slim fit halfbelt, fitted me very nicely but i just couldn't get used to the short back, i like the 50's type in black.


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"half back" might mean there's a half belt ONLY in front - perhaps with a buckle.
What fraazierjo probably means by a solid stripe of leather is what we'd call a plain back.

In case you're wondering what a surcoat is, medieval swordsmen wore them over their chainmail.