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Type A1 Eastman jacket missing


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Thank you Vera for making this thread.
No pics, dark seal A-1, not 50Cal, and...
Lessons learned.

I'm not hoping for a miracle, but USPS Int'l
Branch updated me that they'll give those
in France 30 days to determine the whereabouts
of the parcel.

I'm not an optimist, in these matters.
Apologies for France…
It used to be a Grande Nation… long time ago…
We had respect, order and acceptable discipline…
When I left France a few months ago… and as far as all may see or notice… it comes more and more to resemble to another world… no more references, NO ORDER, NOR RESPECT OF ANYTHING, NO RESPECT OF LIFE… sorry no ranting but I am so glad I am no more dependending of such a miserable ( apologies it became so miserable and lousy recently) system.
Wishing my French friends and family all the best…
In a few words… dont trust the French postal/Gov/whatever system anymore… long gone anyway… unfortunately…hope the 2024 Olympics will not end in the same disaster as the Euro-Soccer Champions League did..
Good luck and for shipping in/out “watch six…”
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Again, sorry to read about your loss.
But two fatal mistakes here:
1) The postal workers/handlers cannot read your declaration… its all in a sealed envelope…. only customs can if they wish and have time ( or suspicions).. then they scan or open your sealed envelope or parcel. Thieves can/may only see on a scanner, whats inside your package..
2) Low value lost parcels have no priority when searching for them… High declared value parcels if lost have surely a higher priority to be tracked and traced since it will cost more to compensate.
Conclusion… „cheap can be very costly at the end…“
Again, sorry for your lost package.
Pilot, appreciate this sound advice. Thank you.


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Pilot, appreciate this sound advice. Thank you.
Thanks… you may believe me or not… I lost tears, sweat and blood for la Grand Nation… and now seeing the way it goes…whooo.. not good… and I am not alone…
Shame!… but I am out by all means… no more Euro lost to those suckas!.. luckily!
Back to the OP and thanks for your patience and consideration.


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John Lever

If buying abroad I organise my own courier from here in the UK. Have it collected and tracked. I e mail labels to the seller so all they need to do is wrap the item print labels and give to the courier usually FedEx
It is quite simple if I can do it anyone can