Two piece backs?


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Doug C said:
Which of the main contract mfgs made their jackets with two piece backs on their A2s?

Doug C
What's the reason for the question? Then maybe there's an answer that'll make sense.
The only A-2's in the 40's with two piece backs were from Hollywood's wardrobe dept's. Or maybe you saw an old "A-2 style" jacket for civilian use.

Doug C

Haha, No it's no test or trick question. I know this will sound rediculous to most of you but I'm trying to disprove a claim that the jacket used by Harrison Ford's stunt man in the famous "under the truck" scene (in Raiders) was a modified A2. There is a certain party that has written a very well accepted article that states that this particular jacket in question was made by Wilson leather and was nothing more than a period correct A2 that had been modified with the removal of knits, and it had no back detail. So I can obviously point out that the back yolk was not a period correct detail of A2s (I honestly wasn't sure but I thought most if not all just had 1 piece backs) and the yolk can certainly be seen in screne caps. Not to mention the vent pleats that are there, like all other indy jackets. I know - I'm an Indy Nutter. Thanks for the info.

Doug C