Tuskegee airmen


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I had become an aqaintence of Leo Gray , he was a really good person . He flew near the end of the war and made the rank of Lt Col. We sat next to each other at several WWII shows and became lunch buddies at these shows . He died a few years ago but now they are all gone . Bless them all .

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Vets truly are amazing people. Heck I get along better with people over 75 then kids my age. I take their words to heart because I could be the first and last person to hear their stories in their life. I don't feel that I can say enough or even put into words the gratitude and thanks I have for them. They deserve more then anything I could say.


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This was one of my friends, met through the Collings Foundation, restoring aircraft. He taught me how to rivet. He was wonderful.

All of the vets I worked side by side with there have also passed, I was one of the youngest at the time. Miss them all bunches.
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I hope this isn't true but from what I have seen. The all last Tuskegee airmen have all died this year. :(
According to this there are still eight combat pilots and support personnel still alive as of January 8th, 2021.