Toys McCoys shop!


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Don't recall anyone else mentioning such or if this is correct section to post but was in London' Covent Garden yesterday and stumbled across TM's shop in Henrietta Street. Unfortunately I was pushed for time so didn't venture in but window display had some nice tee's, a Buco style m/c jacket, satin tour jacket (modern repro's all the rage now with teenage girls apparently) and inside I could see a nice looking A2. One thing I also noticed was no prices on display and that to me says, expensive! Only a short walk from American Classics and various other vintage shops so I will go back and check it out fully.


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I think that is the 'Real' McCoy's store, not Toy...... And yes, they are expensive.

And there is a Nigel Cabourn shop right across the road as well, same league.....


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Don't step over the threshold it is too tempting once inside.

I made the mistake of doing so and came out with an N-1. Be Warned!!!


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It was £75 for a USN watch cap when I was in there a year ago. Leather baker boy cap £175. I shudder to think what the B-7 on the wall would have cost!