Topic for Conversation : Why are members leaving VLJ?

Discussion in 'Forum Questions / Problems' started by B-Man2, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. s4rmark

    s4rmark Well-Known Member

    My mrs is the same but she was quite taken With the Aero irvin and said she would wear one .
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  2. Micawber

    Micawber Well-Known Member

    East Anglia. UK
    I think every forum goes through a period of self analysis, a meta conversation, a review, call it what you will. Such discussions can be helpful and clear the air.
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  3. Ken at Aero Leather

    Ken at Aero Leather Well-Known Member

    That's not how I recall the welcome received by the last lady I remember joining.
    I came very close to resigning my membership that weekend
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  4. johnwayne

    johnwayne Well-Known Member

    Honestly don't remember that Ken, pity really and to some degree answers the topic of this thread in one fail swoop - I'd hope VLJ'rs are not all male chauvinists!
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  5. Otter

    Otter Active Member

    I offered to buy Mrs Otter an Irvin a few years ago, shehad declined claiming it would make her look like a Womble.
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  6. Cobblers161

    Cobblers161 Well-Known Member

    East Sussex, UK
    I do love this place, I don't really post anymore as my interests have shifted away from the military to British workwear but I still lurk as there is a wealth of information to be had.

    I've noticed that quite a few people don't post here anymore and it seems to have coincided with two things, the change of the forum to this current version and the increase in prices particularly repro stuff. A fuse was blown at my end on the forum following the constant increases from Eastman, perhaps I was a little too vocal but it signified the end of my love with jackets and the forum.
    As it transpires being priced out of the market meant I flogged most of my military stuff and kept a handful of originals. It's not missed and companies like Old Town keep me going and feed the hunger.

    One of the major positives of this place has been forging friendships with members some long distance, some on FB and others closer that have meant battleground trips to Normandy, Bastogne and Berlin. Thanks to this place I've had a ball and am looking forward to another trip in June to Normandy again for the 75th anniversary along with my VLJ comrades.

    Another reasons I keep popping back is to re-read the wise words of dear Deeb7 who is still sorely missed.

    A few notable members who I haven't seen in a while and miss are Andrew Swat, Thunderbolt, Clark J, Vcruiser, airfrogusmc, I even miss Rotenhahn but that was in another place in what seems a very long time ago.

    The forum changes and moves on but the friendships remain. Which is nice
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  7. petermack09

    petermack09 Member

    Is this a serious question ? ,seems like one of the main reasons people are leaving or not posting is the purile comments left by people who really should know better.They childishly try dress it up as humorous banter.Wee bit of news for you,,it’s not..Having received many messages over the last six weeks make me realise there are far more decent people here than keyboard warriors,they know who they are and really should grow up and think before they post,,I for one will visit but posting & comments will be on another forum.
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  8. Smithy

    Smithy Well-Known Member

    That's a bit silly.

    As I wrote in post #6 on the first page of this thread, I took a month off because of one or two arseholes but received a lot of PMs and emails which made me realise that there's more nice chaps on here than pillocks.

    As I also wrote, if you have a problem with anyone being constantly rude or an obnoxious arsehole simply use the Ignore button. That way you never have to see anything from them ever again. I highly recommend it.

    Better than cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  9. zoomer

    zoomer Well-Known Member

    Gerbracht Aeronautic Corp.
    There is something very important missing in between facts and opinion: speculation. "Maybes" are only good in science and engineering in so far as they lead to yeses and noes. But we're after something less cut and dried in material history – or at least we ought to be!

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