'Top Gun: Maverick': Patches On Tom Cruise's Jacket Spark Controversy


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We want to interrupt our normally televised
broadcast to bring you a special report from our on scene reporter and newest member of our VLJ News team, Corky..... Go ahead with your in depth report Corky.....

“Top Gun: Maverick: Patches on Tom Cruise’s jacket spark controversy “

Thank you Corky ... follow up and film clip at 11...

Did I miss something here!......:oops:
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Nope, no controversy in my neck of the woods. That said I will make a point of mentioning the differences in the jacket patches next time I'm in the pub, nor really I will and then I will understand when I'm escorted out the door for having drunk a little too much good beer.

I love a bit of clickbait for supper.


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Article says reboot. Stopped reading there. This isn’t a reboot.

Somebody put that on the blackboard already.


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Well, some guy from China said, "OK, here's a hundred million $ for your American movie, to make real jets fly... But... You have to put our flag on Tom Cruise's cool bomber jacket".
Mr Kosinski said "OK!" in a heartbeat. Tom can deal with it.


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As Greg mentioned a way back, it'll probably only get a few seconds of screen time... to bridge the last movie, then he'll put on his new CWU with all-American patches.