Tools for making leather patches

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I agree Sean make good patches but they are nothing like original patches of the period if you study this it will bear this fact out . The workmanship is excellent but it lack the naivety of what was reproduced in the actual operations theater . He has taken the the patches to perfection with perfect detail . Given many like his work as he has made a business out of it ,good for him . I took the time to relay the how what and when of patch making that may be of interest of others as well as Whittman overkill maybe but its what I know . He can take from it what he wants or just ignore it and go his own way ,which in my opinion is what he will do anyway .

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I'll relay the opinion of Sean (which, IMHO, is one of the best, if not THE best, layered leather patch maker):

Wittman, go ahead with your own instincts by hand sewing etc. research the different leathers and just use common sense. I'm afraid the advice being offered while intended in your best interest is actually overkill. By the looks of it you just want to make a few here and there for your own jackets.
Wait? So Sean has an opinion but didn’t respond here to wittman? Hmmm.
True craftsman should be the first to respond in threads like this. One reason we have a problem with hand crafted products being made the right way or even a lack thereof is failure to pass along the knowledge.

I don’t make patches. I do make handmade leather goods , good with hand dyes and Can draw well. I have probably done more hand stitching than a good deal of others here on this forum. I’d be the first to offer anyone advice on any of those things.
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Very interesting thread. Credit to BIP, Micawber & Jeremiah for sharing hard won experience. I used to make tool pouches years ago. Hard graft indeed ! This thread has me hankering after making wallets.

Interesting opinions on replicating originals. They were imperfect but i doubt the original owners knew or cared. Today’s paying customer is more discerning and paying a premium for hand crafted, expects a quality to match the price.
All is good !