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Toko Ri G1 wip


Hello everyone!

I am new on this forum, but I have been reading you for months!
I love leather jackets and almost every year I purchase one ( if I have spare money:cool:) and right now my choice was a G1 from the brand Avirex. I was quite lucky to find this piece from an old unsold leather/suede stock so I decided it had to be mine!

Thruth is that my very first option was always Maverick's TOP GUN, but since I watched this movie, I fell for Brubaker jacket (and some Patches are the same).

Anyway, to make it short, I got my set from wizardpatch and the leather nametag on ebay. Tomorrow will drop everything to the seamstress and wait for the job done!!!

Here some pics, hope you like and please let me know what can be improved!!






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still no call from the shop after 1 week.....:mad::mad:
I would contact them . Sometimes you have to make your presence known to get them up and moving along . If they don’t hear from you they’ll get around to it but in their own time.