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formerly [before ebay or the internet] juan garcia aviation, and prior to that garcia aviation. he used to issue a paper catalog a coupla times a year, with new, repro and vintage stuff, like a-2s wood props, army-navy surplus, odd ball wwl-wwll stuff, etc. there was always a request somewhere in the catalog looking for wwll ships clocks. they used to be located at an air field down in texas [i think].


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That is a name I haven't heard in a long time. Sliver Surfer's comments ring true.

I dealt with James Garcia a lot in the late 1980s and into the early 1990s. In one of my more regrettable moments, I liquidated my entire collection, including an NOS H&L Block M422a and a Cable A-2 to him in 1992 to fund a term of graduate school. That M422a is the only jacket I have regretted selling. I can't imagine what it is worth now.
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Oh my, bought stuff off Garcia Aviation Co maybe 25 years or so ago. Probably still have some of the old buff paper catalogues around somewhere. Had some good gear back in the day, in fact I seem to recall buying WW2 practice bombs from them and shipping them over. Can't imagine big bomb shaped objects getting past customs now lol.

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