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Thinking of Xmas.....


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If your Xmas bonus is 50 k then why not ?
In a Western market that's really who they have to target with this sort of pricing.

Many of those with any sort of deep knowledge of a niche market such as this (precisely the kind of people who are members here) and especially with the specialised knowledge of this very niche subject (so market specific details such as historicity and accuracy) would probably pass on this due to price and thinking they can get comparable accuracy or better for less outlay.

This kind of pricing really can't be directed at the kinds of people who frequent here.


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we had one member join just recently that though that cockpit was the most accurate A2 jacket until he joined the forum .

More seriously, there are, in my opinion, two factors:

- The first is that there are indeed very rich people, who do not care, because more than four thousand euros in a jacket is not an issue.

- Second on is that if we do not dig a subject, we only see the tip of the iceberg. This ties in with the discussion on Diamond Dave stopping activities.
In the flying jacket market, Schott and Cockpit are the visible part of the iceberg. For most of people it's the only way to have an accurate jacket.
And under the water line, we could found Aero or ELC... and looking further, we can see the others...

Getting information takes time and everyone does not want to register on a forum to choose a leather jacket.
And compare to this A.P.C. made in Turkey, ELC are quite cheap. :p

Ken at Aero Leather

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I have this from an expert who does it for a living. It takes 7 hours to make a B3. Go figure...as the Americans say
That's very close.
Tony and Greg make Aero's Shearlings from scratch
Select the skins themselves, cut the jackets themselves, then put the whole thing together using 3 different machines in the process.
Take the best part of a day to complete a single jacket

PS I'd bet their work against anyone on the planet making B-3s
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Ken at Aero Leather

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Link doesn't work for me, but their B-3 is £4005. Search Type B-3

Any more bids? Do I hear £4250

John Lever

Funny that. Ken we had a conversation about my Chapal B3 in 1998, you didnt like the Riri zip. That very same jacket is now on ebay.

Someone thinks it is very valuable, but they can't sell it.



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That price tag is insane it really is, surely anyone doing a search for a B3 will stumble on other makers at a quarter of the price
That’s gotta be aimed at Arnie or Beckham


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Umm, I do not know how many of these jackets they are making, nor how many they are going to sell. I heard that from somewhere their jacket runs are usually in a low few hundreds only. Yes, they have a market, but I doubt that it will be those privileged few who probably don't even need to work to make a living. People with money to burn will most certainly prefer something from Prada or St Laurent jacket than an RMC B-3. In fact, how many places are selling RMC B-3 in Europe?

John Lever

I know of one person who bought one new, a friend of the owner of the shop in London, he gets a big discount. Quite a markup between the Japanese price and UK