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Thinking maybe I need to thin the herd...


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Your last jacket purchase (Possibly? Probably? ;) ) , well done!

It sounds like you're very much like me Mayday, you've had a blast on the journey that this hobby has given us but you've reached that point where you have all you need and now want for nothing more. I'm feeling very much the same way.

I've had a ton of fun with jackets (and blown a shitload of money on the things too) but I've realised that for me the itch has been scratched and for whatever reason, the desire to chase after jackets now has left me.

I like what I have and will wear them but that urge that I've had for years of yearning for another particular type of jacket or thinking I need something else has completely disappeared.

Yes, it's been an amazing journey; one which I am very grateful for.
I'm not sure if this resonates, but, for a while there, it was becoming a bit of an obsession/addiction.
Honestly, the plain and simple of it is that I was beginning to lose sight of the 'fun' side of things and, at the end of the day, this really should just all be about having fun.


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For my part, while I'm very much in the collecting camp, I will say I've had some similar feelings of late. I enjoy my collection, and I imagine I'll continue collecting, but I do think it's time for me to slow down and focus on other parts of this hobby that I enjoy - reading books on the war, researching jackets (I'm really interested in the contracting process), meeting people from the board, and doing a bit of light personalization on the repros I have. So while I'm not in the same place that Tim an Wei are, I'm also looking to transition to making this hobby less about collecting.

Ed Rooney

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I'm down to ONE A-2 (ELC), a Bronson N-1 and an RRL cloth vintage flight jacket. THAT'S IT and I love it! Just say'n

Still have lots of regular person clothes but thinned those out as well.