The 'War Room'/'Theatre of War'...


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OMG! Found soooo much stuff. Found the Mackinaw, four M43s, four M41s, USMC camos, three ATF khaki shirts, four B-10s, USMC dress stuff, M43 od liner from John and loads of other stuff.

And a USN jacket with the USS Atule patch from Ties.

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Damn Couchy !
That is one fine military collection .
Well done !


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Thank you! The choke point for dress ups is 'Boots'. Only have one pair to suit each service, war or theatre. Two pairs of russet Corcorans for dress/field though...

The boxes of field gear out in the garage are full too. Found a pristine Mountain Rucksack with snow cover and Lightweight Tropical Rucksack (which are pretty uncommon these days) in a box I forgot about. AND found my box of At The Front 'new stuff' as well. Slings, caps and sundries...

Rory Schultz

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What is also a pain about having so much stuff is that when you take it all out from the storage looking for one item....then when you find it its at the very back, then when try to put everything back in somehow nothing fits back like it was before you started.

Also, you find things that you have no clue what the tiny items were for. SO you throw it away and some month later you remember what it was for and hang your head in shame......"sniff sniff"
Ausreenactor can I ask where you got the brown Corcoran's from?
(Been after a pair for years to replace my clapped out Dutch boots and have had many a fitting issue with them...... hoping you might have found a bricks and mortar store somewhere in Australia)