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I honestly think the BK rep should be allowed back even just on a trial basis. You don't have to read what he says but give him his due he did have a knowledge base that we are poorer without. Maybe restrict him to the manufacturer forum for a trial period ? :idea:


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Guess he really burned some bridges here, I assumed it was him on the other thread and thought maybe the mods here were cutting him a break. But have to agree with you that he's had a lot of good things to offer here as well. He's got my vote if it ever comes up, everyone deserves a second chance.


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Otter said:
Maybe restrict him to the manufacturer forum for a trial period ? :idea:
Or maybe to everywhere but that. :shock:

I actually think this is a perfect moment to give a positive shout out to all those on this Forum who have done a most excellent job balancing both business and pleasure in their posts. That is not always an easy thing to do.

I for one really appreciate their ability to share their knowledge, participate in the discussions in a meaningful way, and most of all, be willing to take people's comments...both good and a positive light, and look at them as being constructive criticism.

The Moderators also deserve a loud shout out guys have been doing a great job keeping this Forum a friendly place to visit...thanks guys!


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Indeed, let him back in. It hurts his business not just his ego and to be fully frank in these times we should be supporting all we can.

If he burns bridges then thats his business (so to speak), I'm never a fan of banning unless a member becomes abusive.

For whats it's worth I miss Rotenhahn a great deal.


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All his jackets and latest updates are on Facebook. I think the numbers have swayed that way of late. Lots of updates. Easy to post pics. There are a few jacket pages now..

We just don't get asked for opinions or desires now.. On his page he can delete the trolls and the baiters. Why would he come back? Not like they need the publicity now...


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Well maybe just to share the interest Couchy. Good that's he's found an other way to promote the business and probably better that way, but for me it was his personality. Very funny and not a stiff. Always though to myself that we'd be knocking back some beers if within driving distance.


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Regardless of past forum shenanigans, I certainly hope the hell about to hit Greece doesn't ruin them. Business is already tough but I hope that they can make it through this mess.


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The last few months of platon's presence he didn't post very much. To me it looked like the new owners of BK had imposed a restrictive policy upon him.
What still puzzles me is what happened, who's the owner now etc.
Don't mind him on the forum, just like rothenhahn. Always good for a few heated arguments, including from those who happily have themselves lured into said arguments.
I assume the mod's had some pretty good reasons to have him banned though.