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The Ultimate “ Oh No You Didn’t “!!


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I confess, I am a sinner !
I have committed the unthinkable, in the world of jacket collecting .
I had two original USN G-1 jackets, in perfect condition ……..and……I altered them..
So here are the facts of the case. In the last year or so I acquired two nice original USN G-1, jackets for very reasonable prices .
The first jacket was a size 48, Brill Bros, contract dated 2000. The jacket was in very nice condition with little to no wear. The second G-1 was likely an Imperial contract
( the label had been cut off above the manufacturers name) also in a size 48.
Both jackets had the dreaded dark brown Dynel collars.
Now heres where I ignored the golden rule of collecting and decided to alter 2 perfectly good original jackets .
After conferring with Steve Sellers I decided that both jackets would look exceptionally nice with a couple of vintage reddish Mounton collars . I had some nice Mouton left over from another project, so I packed both jackets up with the Mouton and sent them to Steve to work his magic on . A few days later the blasphemous act was done and a couple of days after that the jackets were back in my closet looking rather spiffy …. In the process of doing this dastardly deed, I violated the cardinal rule of jacket collecting, Never alter an original.
So ladies and gentlemen I confess to you that I have sinned and I sit here awaiting your judgement . Take a look at the photos and in the meantime I will throw myself onto the mercy of this court of opinion;)



So my fate is in your hands …. what say you one and all? ;)

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Always remember that they are yours, and yours to do with as you will. Original owners of these jackets did so, and than painted the house in them. IMHO, they look way better, and probably feel better with the new (old) fur instead of the crappy dynel.
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I seriously thought about doing the same to my old label-less Dynel-collared G-1. Something older and rarer, certainly not, but doing something that definitely improves what most people regard as a beater, why the Hell not? Military personnel did it for sure-there’s a bloke in ‘Hell Bent for Leather ‘ who put a mink collar on his (yuk)-and that’s a serving officer on board ship. Looks bloody awesome, Burt.

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Perhaps if they were older or had historical provenance it would be blasphemy, but they look class! It's not as if you've put holes in it with patches. Collars like cuffs are almost disposable parts of a flight jacket - like tyres on a car. Wear it out, replace.
Wish I had some of that mouton!