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the taxman cometh

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my recent purchases on greedbay have been had a tax added. at first i thought that it was an error with a seller, and was mad as hell, but have found that it is now eb policy. i have yet to determine if this is an in state tax, or reciprocal state to state tax. small items are not a big deal, but when ya start to get up into the hundreds it adds up. this new policy seems to include new and used items. however, purchasing goods from china seems to be exempt regarding this policy. anybody else running into this? how about you guys in europe, uk, or the east? i might add that this policy pisses me off big time, as i do not see how eb can be a tax collecting agency for states or the fed.

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I just purchase something from Estonia and was charged tax on the purchase ,I am in the USA .



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Wonder if it’s a consistent across the board percentage or a variable tax based on the state in which you live.